Vintage Sax Workshop


Vintage Sax Workshop specializes in all types of saxophone repair.

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Vintage Sax Workshop is an alternative source for your saxophone repairs. Vintage saxophones can present challanges that are different than those found on newer modern saxophones. There are design differences and sometimes challanges that come from their past use and abuse. Previous damage or improper repairs must be corrected in order to get the most from it's potential. The ability to recognize and correct problems is gained through experience. Our methods have been developed by years of experience. Many shops are very good at repairing the modern instruments that are in use today by students and professional players. Sometimes these shops may not have the experience or maybe just do not want to take the time and effort required to repair older models. This is where Vintage Sax Workshop can help. We work on old and new saxophones and apply our experience to getting your sax playing and looking the way it should.
Vintage Sax Workshop is the sax specialty department of Low Key Music.
Email: Phone: 864-373-3174

"From Aristocrat to Zephyr, we know vintage saxes."

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