Level of Services

Mechanical Overhaul (Repad)
The saxophone is taken apart and the body and neck are chemically cleaned inside and out. Most minor dents are removed if possible without damaging the finish. Keys are leveled and swedged as required. All pads are replaced with your choice of pad type. Most key corks are replaced unless in excellent condition. The neck cork is replaced and fit to your preferred mouthpiece. All felts are replaced. Springs are replaced or adjusted as necessary. If the keys are nickel plated and need to be buffed there is an additional charge. The sax will be play and regulated before shipping. Mouthpieces and other accessory repair is not included.
Restoration (Includes Refinishing)
We do not have a special name for our complete overhauls. We call it a restoration because our goal is to put the instrument back into a "like new" condition. Restoration includes the mechanical overhaul/repad with the addition of stripping of the finish, complete dent removal, and refinishing or replating of body, neck, and keys.

We do not recommend re-lacquering a sax that has never been refinished. However, if the sax has been refinished before and it is in very bad condition now, a restoration will actually increase the value. The engraving can also be redone since it is usually degraded from previous buffing. If we proceed with the refinishing, every effort will be made to reproduce the original style of finish or to duplicate an optional finish such as silver plating in either a bright or matte finish. If a brass finish is desired, the body will be carefully buffed to only the minimum amount required. Keys will be also be carefully machine buffed. Clear lacquer is standard, but gold tinted lacquer is also available
We offer two levels of services to our internet customers. We offer minor repairs and other services to our local customers.
Vintage Sax Workshop
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Custom Key Rollers
As one of our special services, we offer custom made key rollers from various colored materials. To see our complete range visit our web page.