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We began our business in 1995 as a retail store specializing in band instruments. Our repair shop was a big part of our business then and we began to see need for more specialized services. We chose to end our retail trade to focus on repair services and reach out to customers via the internet. We have always put customer service as a top priority. We have always treated our customers the way we would want to be treated. Our repair service places the customer's needs first. Each instrument is treated as if it were our own. We are a member of the National Association of Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT) and we stay current with new techniques for repairing instruments.

Our shop repairs most types of brass and woodwind instruments, but we also have gained experience in vintage saxes. Beginning in 2012, we are expanding our internet presence with a site that highlights our saxophone repair. Our main web site is still bringing us repairs from all over the country.

Saxophones require special attention and we have dedicated a portion of our shop for them.
My name is Steve Epperson. Like many of you, I began playing music in school band in the sixth grade. My first attempts at saxophone repair were made out of neccessity. Growing up in rural Georgia we did not have a local repair shop. I played bari sax from eigth grade through college and managed to do some minor repairs required to keep it playing between visits to the repair shop. From then on I wanted to repair instruments. I chose to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering because I like to work with all things mechanical. I have restored several cars as well as many musical instruments. I opened Low Key Music in 1995 and personally managed the repair shop. My engineering skills are an asset when working with saxes.

I started repairing vintage saxes out of my own desire to own them and play them. I am not a professional player by any means, but I could appreciate the difference. Before long, I was hooked on the style, quality, and sound of the great saxes from the past. Over the last decade I have repaired nearly every make and model of vintage and modern professional saxophones. I still look forward to starting work on each one that comes into our shop. I personally build all the saxes.
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